The ONLY 2 things you really care about (tell me I’m wrong)

It has been 6 years since I first setup this blog …

… in fact I had totally forgotten that I set this site up … it was the first site I setup when beginning my pursuit of the Online Lifestyle!

Reading the first couple of blog posts I wrote here brings back so many memories and seems like a million years ago, but they remind me of the constant “daily” struggle that has made up the past few years of my life.  It’s funny how things come full circle, because after 6+ years and more than 11,000 hours invested into figuring out how to make money online I’ve learned a few things…

… but for the record, let me disclose a few things before going forward:

1.  I have not yet made 7 Figures online … I fully expect to break this milestone in 2015 though
2.  Creating my Online Lifestyle has not been easy!
3.  I do NOT have some push button magic solution for you -sorry

Ok now that I have those disclosures out of the way, let me give you an update:

The past 6 years have been very challenging and definitely not for the faint of heart…

  • I invested a ton of money (tens of thousands) on “guru” training courses … most being a complete waste of money 🙁
  • I spent hundreds of dollars on “magic push button” make you rich systems (ie. SCAMS)
  • I invested 6 months into a product launch that made less than $10,000 🙁
  • I built a huge audience and then made a very costly mistake by turning my back on them and starting from scratch #STUPID!
  • I went through a personal bankruptcy
  • I hired several Virtual Assistance – each one being a complete waste of time and money, until I learned something unexpected just a few weeks ago.  *Do NOT outsource or hire any VA until you have learned it
  • I jumped from idea to idea, from system to system, from guru to guru … all equaling nothing more than DISTRACTIONS

Now let me be clear … I do NOT regret any of this stuff because I believe it was necessary for me to experience so that I can fully appreciate where I am right now!   October 2014 was the month I finally broke through the $100K per month threshold…

…we shattered this milestone by doing $200K in sales within 16 days!

Thus the reason for coming back to post on this blog.  You see, during my 6 year journey to learn how to build a profitable Online Lifestyle I have come to learn that everyone (you included) are seeking TIME & MONEY FREEDOM in your life!  With time & money freedom you can live a life full of choices, while without them you are forced to live a life that feels much more like a prison.

Not only have I experienced this first hand, I see and hear it daily from hundreds / thousands of people online … everyone is chasing the dream of living the Online Lifestyle.  The cool part is that we are starting to see people define what this means to them and it is cool to see!

For example …

Destination Entrepreneurs – this segment seems to be people who enjoy traveling the world, posting pics of themselves all over the world.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs – this segment is a little mixture of everything, people that earn a full time income doing something they are passionate about while never working a 9-5 job.

Solo-preneurs – the one person show, doing just enough to avoid working a job and minimizing all liabilities

Mom-preneurs – this segment is obvious 😉 and also probably the most powerful group on the planet

Super Affiliates – this segment has found a way to make huge money with no products, no overhead or liability

Collaborative Entrepreneurs – this is where I prefer to operate and is the path I took to break through my financial ceiling

The feeling of having complete Time & Money Freedom changes your life instantly.  They allow you to have choices, choices on how you spend your day, how you work, where you work, what type of food you buy … but I think “more importantly” the benefit of having these choices is the elimination of financial stress and worry!

When you have no stress or worry, you can and do immediately feel better!


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