Are You Making These 3 Mistakes In Your Coaching Business?

Which one sounds most like you?

  1. My coaching business is going fantastic, in fact, I really don’t have any more time to take on new clients
  2. I’m struggling to survive, I just don’t have a consistent lead generation system.  I never know when or where my next client will come from

Ironically both leave you with the same problem …

You have very little, if any, Time Freedom.

Let me explain, just in case this doesn’t register with you immediately.

If your calendar is filled with clients, you likely have thoughts like:

  • I wish I had more time to spend with family & friends
  • I wish I could take a vacation without my income stopping
  • I wish I duplicate myself so that I could either (scale my biz OR take a day off)

And if you are always wondering where your next client will come from you likely have thoughts like:

  • Stressed out about money
  • Feeling like you have to work every minute of the day prospecting for new clients
  • Doubting your decision to be a coach or open your own coaching business

Either way you are most likely making one of these 3 very common mistakes in your coaching business AND once you solve these problems you will not fit into either of the categories above.

You will fit into a new category 🙂

  • Happy, Relaxed, and Confident with both Time and Money Freedoms

So what are the 3 common mistakes?

Re-inventing the wheel – this is a BIG MISTAKE and by far the easiest one for most of us to make, so don’t feel bad.  When you are running a new business or operating as a solopreneur it is easy to feel like you have to do everything yourself.  And if you are struggling to find clients it is difficult to justify investing into systems.

The Solution – is really very simple, but not always so easy to implement 😉  Here’s the secret … document what you do daily.  Get a pad/paper and keep it with you through the day, jot down everything:

  • When you start / end working for the day
  • When and how long you take breaks
  • When and who you make phone calls to
  • How much time you spend in your email
  • How much time you spend on social media
  • When working with a client, what do you do, what do you say, what do you give them, what questions do you ask them, what answers do they give, etc…

The key is to be a specific and detailed as you can with that daily tracker … do this for 1 week and then review.  You will be amazed at:

  • How much time you waste doing nothing
  • How many things you repeat over and over (re-inventing the wheel)

The Benefits – you will immediately find ways to get more time back, get more stuff done, and ultimately find ways to create automated systems that can give you even more time back

Not building a list (ie. Collecting Emails) – this one is costing you BIG Time!  I should also specify that there are two versions of this problems:

  1. Not building a list at all
  2. Or many business owners / coaches that I speak with are actually building the list but they have no plan or idea of what to do with the emails they have collected

The reason you want to build a list is: it gives you a way to communicate and market yourself and your services to prospects and clients.  You do this by providing them with content that should be valuable to them.  Doing so allows you to build trust and credibility with them, so that when they are ready to hire a coach they will contact you.

As your list grows, so will the consistency of your new clients …and revenues 🙂

Treating everyone the same – This one is another BIG Mistake that is very easy for us to make.  The reality is … not every prospect or client should be treated the same!

That’s right – I said it!

Let me explain.  Both prospects & Clients will demonstrate behaviors and interests in different topics, they will have different problems, they will have different goals and if your marketing is positioned as a one size fits all, it will resonate with fewer people.

Whereas, if your marketing is smart and is automated,  you can target your marketing to prospects and clients based on their specific behaviors and interests making it more personable and attractive to them.

The benefit of this type of smart marketing is more consistent clients … and revenue.

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