3 Easy Ways To Get More Out Of Infusionsoft

If you read our earlier blog, you know that we are huge fans of Infusionsoft …but we will also be the first to say it is not perfect.  We use X plugins and 3rd party integrations to take our campaigns to the next level.
The first one is PlusThis!  Honestly, this tool keeps getting better and better …and I’ve been using it for nearly two years now.

Use PlusThis to pull off clever marketing tactics from the top internet marketers without having to hire your own developer.

PlusThis lets you get more conversions with simple tools that let you…

  • Create expiring offers
  • Add a countdown timer
  • Trigger automation based on watching videos, replying to an email and more

The second one is Graphly.  This is another one that keeps getting better.  As I mentioned Infusionsoft is not perfect, but when it comes to reporting they are what I would describe as horrible!

Thankfully the guys at Graphly stepped up to provide a fantastic solution that is super easy to setup and provides beautiful reports so you can create a powerful dashboard to monitor your campaigns at a glance.


The third is Samcart, we use Samcart for many of our shopping cart pages.

Again, this is an area that Infusionsoft is just downright bad.  Samcart has not only created a simple, yet very powerful shopping cart system, they have integrated it with Infusionsoft so that you can fully integrate their system directly into your marketing campaigns without missing a beat …actually they have done so well that you actually get more functionality.


*TIP – we are testing a new shopping cart solution right now that looks like (in some ways – not all) that it might even be superior, so don’t forget to check back to our blog in a week or two.

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