The 2 Best Strategies For Creating Passive Income Are …

So you want to create passive income?

Maybe you have seen other marketers online talk about how much “passive” income they make from marketing and selling products online …let me tell you, they are most likely telling the truth!

You can make crazy money online, and affiliate marketing is a great strategy for doing so.

I have been using affiliate marketing to make a full time income online for years now (since 2009), and after trying just about every way imaginable to make money online I have settled on two (2) strategies to focus on in order to create 6 figures in passive income.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Creating my own online courses

As you look around this site you will see advertisements, and even posts and videos that promote or highlight products …you should assume those are affiliate products that will earn me a commission should you click on the links and make a purchase 🙂

**IMPORTANT … I only promote affiliate products that I have personally purchased and use in my own business

Beyond affiliate marketing I will also be creating and selling my own online courses … below you will find a list of the first courses to be released.

  1. Free Crash Course on Making Money Online (for newbies)
  2. How to Build Your Very Own 6 or 7-Figure Affiliate Business
  3. 10 Day Sales Funnel Training
  4. IFS Kickstart (for those who want to get more out of Infusionsoft)

If you are just starting out on your journey to make money online, or if you are struggling to make any money online I invite you to get in touch with me by sending me an email (see below for important details)

email me at: [ ]

subject line: “Help Me Make Money Online”

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